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News Release - Manitoba

August 10, 2017


I want to wish Brad Wall and his family great happiness in the next phase of their life. 

I, of course, am disappointed to be losing such a valued colleague. 

Brad Wall is one of the most successful premiers of our time and the people of Saskatchewan have been well served by his tenure. 

Brad and his government had the leadership and courage to take on serious challenges facing Saskatchewan more than a decade ago and transformed that province from have-not to have status. Unfortunately in Manitoba our governments of the day did not share this same courage to make the necessary tough decisions. As a result our social, infrastructure and fiscal situation worsened to the verge of crisis, even as Saskatchewan recovered. 

Our challenges today are much more acute as a result. 

As Brad Wall departs as premier, he leaves Saskatchewan a better place than when he arrived; something all Canadians should admire and aspire to do. 

We’ll miss you around the premiers’ table, but all the best to you and yours and well done. 

- 30 -