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August 11, 2017


Specialized Equipment Funded Through Criminal Property Forfeiture Fund: Stefanson

The Manitoba government is helping to protect all front-line RCMP officers from the health risks posed by fentanyl and other opioids by investing nearly $54,000 from the criminal property forfeiture fund in personal protective equipment, Minister Heather Stefanson announced today. 

“Fentanyl poses a serious and sometimes unexpected risk to officers when they respond to calls for assistance,” said Stefanson.  “This equipment will allow RCMP members to take the necessary precautions when fentanyl may be present, reducing the risk to themselves and others.  Our government is proud to make this investment in the health and safety of our RCMP officers who work hard to protect all Manitobans.” 

Approximately 1,080 front-line RCMP officers will be fitted with respiratory and eye protection, to be used in situations where they may be exposed to fentanyl or other dangerous opioids.  RCMP will also ensure remote detachments have access to fit-testing equipment so all officers’ respiratory protection will work effectively.

“Keeping our officers safe from the very serious consequences of accidental exposure to fentanyl and other illicit opioids is a priority for the RCMP,” said Assistant Commissioner Scott Kolody, commanding officer of the RCMP in Manitoba.  “The funds announced today will be critical to ensuring all our officers are equipped with the best possible protection.”

This year, RCMP D Division will receive more than $382,000 from the criminal property forfeiture fund to invest in specialized tools, resources and training, which also includes equipment to enhance road safety initiatives, such as radar guns and licence plate readers.

Since 2010, more than $16.5 million in assets have been successfully forfeited to Manitoba through criminal property forfeitures.  There are currently 120 active forfeiture files being pursued by the province, involving vehicles, property, cash and other assets. 

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