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Media Bulletin - Manitoba

October 10, 2008


A Winnipeg business that has not complied with requirements to properly disclose information in its advertisements has been assessed a $1,000 administrative penalty by Manitoba’s Consumers’ Bureau.
Provisions in Manitoba’s Consumer Protection Act set out the information that must be included in an advertisement for a credit agreement such as a lease or a financing arrangement. The provisions came into force in April 2007. 
The general purpose of the disclosure requirements for advertising is to ensure that potential consumers are provided with fair, accurate and timely information so they can make an informed decision best suited to their needs. 
Disclosure requirements also apply to the documents consumers must be provided at the time they enter into a lease or financing arrangement, as well as during the life of the agreement.
Administrative penalties are in the amount of $1,000, $3,000, and $5,000, depending on whether it is a first, second or third and subsequent contravention.
For information on administrative penalties, including information on penalties that have been issued, visit
If you have any questions regarding consumer protection legislation, contact the Consumers’ Bureau at 204-945-3800, toll-free in Manitoba at 1-800-782-0067, or by email at:
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