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Media Bulletin - Manitoba

June 19, 2009


The Manitoba Consumers’ Bureau advises consumers to be aware of unlicensed sellers going door‑to-door, offering security systems and monitoring services.
The Consumers’ Bureau licenses companies and individuals that direct sell goods and services to consumers. Most companies and individuals that sell door-to-door are required to be licensed.
It has come to the bureau’s attention that an American-based company called Pinnacle Alarm or Vigilon has been engaged in the door-to-door sales of security systems and monitoring services. Neither company is licensed for direct sales.
Consumers who enter into direct sales agreements with an unlicensed business or individual have a year in which to cancel the purchase. If the business is licensed, consumers have 10 days to cancel. Consumers who cancel a contract must do so in writing and the seller must then provide them with a full refund. If you have entered into a contract with an unlicensed direct seller and wish to cancel it, contact the Consumers’ Bureau for advice on how to proceed.
If you are approached by any door-to-door or telephone direct seller:
·        Ask to see the door-to-door salesperson’s direct seller’s licence. If they can’t provide a licence or if it is a telephone sale, write down the person’s name and the name and address of the company represented and contact the Consumers’ Bureau.
·        Comparison shop before you decide which product or service is right for you.
·        If you feel as if you are being pressured or rushed into either buying the goods or services or having them installed or delivered, tell the salesperson to leave or hang up the phone.
·        Ask for and check references. Ask for written information on the terms and conditions of the warranty before you agree to buy.
·        Read the entire contract before signing and make sure it is fully completed. Draw lines through any blank spaces.
The Consumers’ Bureau investigates consumer complaints about unlicensed direct sellers, high‑pressure sales, unsatisfactory workmanship, poor-quality products, contracts for work not required and scams.
To make a complaint or to get more information, Manitoba consumers can contact the Consumers’ Bureau at 204-945-3800 or 1-800-782-0067 (toll-free) or by email at
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