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July 5, 2011

Clean Environment Commission to Conduct Full, Public Hearings on Manitoba Hydro Lake Regulation: Blaikie

The Clean Environment Commission (CEC) will hold public hearings on Manitoba Hydro’s Lake Winnipeg regulation final licence request, Conservation Minister Bill Blaikie announced today.

“We want to provide an opportunity for the public to express their views on this important issue,” said Blaikie.

Manitoba Hydro has used Lake Winnipeg as a reservoir for power generation since the early 1970s under an interim licence.  Now that Manitoba Hydro has requested a final licence, the provincial government wants to ensure the public has input into the process, said Water Stewardship Minister Christine Melnick.

“Public input is important,” said Melnick.  “The Clean Environment Commission hearings will give Manitobans a chance to be involved and have their say.”  Melnick also said a thorough Crown‑Aboriginal consultation process will be undertaken.

The CEC is an arm’s-length provincial agency that encourages and facilitates public involvement in environmental matters.  The CEC offers advice and recommendations to the minister of conservation with respect to environmental issues, project approvals and environmental licences.

The CEC will begin planning for the hearings immediately and more information will be available in the coming weeks at, said Blaikie adding, organizations interested in funding assistance can apply when the hearings are announced.

Manitoba Hydro’s interim licence can be viewed on Manitoba Water Stewardship’s website at

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