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News Release - Manitoba

November 20, 2012


A new chapter in the development of Manitoba’s clean energy resources is being written, Innovation, Energy and Mines Minister Dave Chomiak announced today.

“Building on our strengths, this new plan sets the province on a course that will ensure reliable, affordable energy for future generations, reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and maximize local economic benefits,” said Chomiak.

Priority actions contained in the strategy include building a new generation of clean, renewable hydro power, leading North America on energy efficiency, keeping rates low and growing renewable energy alternatives, he said. 

The minister made the announcement while attending the QUEST (Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow)Smart Energy Communities in Cold Climates national conference taking place in Winnipeg this week.  “Energy plays a critical role in all our lives every day,” said Chomiak.  “Energy security will become more important for future generations and the decisions we make today at the local, regional and national level will shape our common future.

“Manitoba is already a North American leader in the production of clean hydroelectricity,” he added. 

Previous decisions to build hydro generation instead of coal-fired power plants have resulted in a power grid that is 98 per cent renewable.  With available technologies such as electric vehicles, and geothermal and biomass heating, fossil fuel freedom is now within reach for many Manitobans, said Chomiak.

Highlights of the strategy include:

  • Canada’s first Pay-as-You-Save (PAYS) financing program that covers the upfront capital costs of energy-efficiency upgrades based on the utility cost savings;
  • a biomass energy-support program that will help Manitoba’s remaining coal users transition to renewable and locally grown biomass energy;
  • Manitoba’s Electric Vehicle Road Map that will facilitate the adoption of all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles; and
  • the Green Energy Equipment Tax Credit for geothermal and solar-thermal heating. 

The minister also noted that Premier Greg Selinger is co-chairing a Canadian Energy Strategy working group through the Council of the Federation and that Manitoba will lead a sub-working group on sustainability and conservation.

Manitoba’s Clean Energy Strategy is available at

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