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News Release - Manitoba

January 28, 2013


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Province Increases Education Funding for 14th Consecutive Year

The provincial government will increase funding for Manitoba schools by $27.2 million or 2.3 per cent in the coming year to give students better supports and more of the attention they need, Education Minister Nancy Allan announced today.

“There was a time when uncertainty in the economy meant cuts to our schools.  But your government knows there’s nothing more important than giving our children the start they deserve,” said Allan.  “That’s why we’re focused on improving our schools.  It’s a priority for Manitoba families and it means our children can get the foundation they need for good jobs in the future.”

Since 1999, the Manitoba government has funded schools at or above the rate of economic growth, an increase of 57.1 per cent or $440.5 million.  Today’s announcement will provide continued, stable funding for all school divisions including those with declining enrolments, the minister said.

“These new supports will ensure our schools have the same or increased levels of funding to keep building on programs that are producing results.  Together we’re improving quality and helping students develop in math, reading and writing,” said Allan.

Highlights in education funding this year include:

  • new resources for anti-bullying programs and continuing support for stay-in-school initiatives,
  • additional resources for numeracy to help students in early and middle years build strong foundational skills in math,
  • additional resources for early childhood literacy to help students get a strong start in reading, and
  • increased supports for northern students and students from remote communities. 

“Every parent wants the best possible education for their child. A good start in school means the ability to build a life and contribute to our economy,” Allan said.  “Despite the uncertainty ahead, we’re investing in our schools and our children while helping keep property taxes low for all Manitobans.

Since 2000, provinces across Canada have seen property tax increases as high 71 per cent.  In Manitoba, taxes have increased by a modest 9.2 per cent, the lowest in Canada, the minister added. 

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