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News Release - Manitoba

June 28, 2013


Meetings Coincide with Manitoba Hydro Announcement of Consultations to Build New Export Capacity to United States

Premier Greg Selinger is in Utah to meet with western governors to promote Manitoba Hydro’s potential to meet the growing demand in the U.S. for secure and clean energy and to discuss trade in western North America.

“As our neighbours south of the border look for clean alternatives to coal power, more and more of them are turning to renewable options like hydro to meet their energy needs,” said Selinger.  “Building Manitoba Hydro and new transmission lines will help keep rates low for families back home.  That’s why I’m meeting with U.S. governors to begin building new relationships that will one day expand our energy trade.”

The meetings coincide with Manitoba Hydro’s announcement today that it will begin consultations on building a new transmission line to the U.S.

Hydro said the consultations will be on a new 500-kilovolt alternating-current transmission line, which will travel from Winnipeg to the Minnesota border in order to help carry $7 billion worth of recently signed power sales from Manitoba’s generating stations to customers in the U.S.

Also today, the 13th annual International Legislators Forum wraps up at The Forks in Winnipeg where Manitoba-U.S. energy trade was a focus of discussions.  The regional meeting included legislators from Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Manitoba.

“Building partnerships with the United States as well as with other provinces in Canada ensures that we can continue to develop the abundant green energy resources that belong to all Manitobans, securing our own power needs for the future while keeping rates low for Manitoba families,” said Selinger.


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