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Media Bulletin - Manitoba

July 12, 2013


Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation’s Hydrologic Forecast Centre has revised its high water status for Dauphin Lake to an advisory following the June 28 flood warning, based on updates of river and stream patterns in the area.

  • Heavy rains in the Dauphin area at the end of June resulted in high run-off and flows in Mink Creek, the Valley, Wilson, Vermillion, Turtle and Ochre rivers and other small creeks, such as Edwards Creek, flowing into Dauphin Lake.
  • The Mossy River Dam, which is used to regulate levels on Dauphin Lake, continues to operate with maximum outflows.
  • Inflows to Dauphin Lake have levelled off.  The water level of Dauphin Lake is currently at 858 feet. This is approaching the 2011 peak of 860.7 ft. above sea level (fasl), but is not expected to reach that level.  The end of June wind-eliminated level was about 857.3 ft. fasl.

The total area rainfall amount near the Dauphin Lake area for May and June in 2011 was 175 millimetres.  This year, the total areal rainfall was 208 mm in the same period.  The lake level rises due to rainfall were 2.5 ft. in 2011 and 1.6 ft. in 2013.

The projected levels are:

  • with favourable weather conditions:  858 ft. until July 20 followed by gradual recession;
  • with median conditions:  close to 858 ft. until Aug. 3 when lake levels would start receding slowly; and
  • with unfavourable conditions:  close to 858 ft. for another week, then lake levels would increase another half a foot (858.5 ft).

Shoreline property owners should monitor weather forecasts for severe wind events. 

Rain and flooding can affect road conditions quickly.  Before travelling, check road conditions by calling 511.  

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