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News Release - Manitoba

December 5, 2013


Nelson Mandela’s passing is being mourned in his beloved South Africa and throughout the world today.

He was an inspiring leader who ended apartheid peacefully and without recrimination for his 27 years in prison.  He will be forever known as the man who ended decades of injustice for the majority of his fellow South Africans and worked towards national healing through the establishment of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which has since become a model for Canada and the world.

Soon after coming into office, President Mandela asked Canada to help with setting up more effective and democratic governance in his country.  One of the main initiatives involved twinning Canadian provinces and South African provinces, and Manitoba was one of the first to join in, signing a co-operation agreement with the Northwest Province in 1996.  Manitobans can be proud to have played a small part in the building of the new South Africa under President Mandela.

Freedom has lost one of its greatest modern-day heroes, but his vision and his example will not be forgotten.  Manitobans join with South Africans in mourning the passing of the irreplaceable Nelson Mandela.

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NOTE:  A book of condolences will be available beginning at 8 a.m. tomorrow in the lobby of the Legislative Building.  Members of the public may also express their condolences online at