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News Release - Manitoba

January 29, 2015


Strong Investment Will Support Academic Achievement in Math and Literacy, Skills Training and Career Development Opportunities: Minister Bjornson

The Manitoba government continues its strong commitment to providing students with a quality education by investing over $1.27 billion in public schools funding, Education and Advanced Learning Minister Peter Bjornson announced today.

“We’re working with our schools to ensure greater accountability and providing targeted funding to improve outcomes in math and literacy so that parents see results,” said Minister Bjornson.  “To get results, we need to continue to invest in education.  Cuts would mean overcrowded classrooms with fewer supports for teachers and students, and we will continue to reject cuts that would hurt students and their families.”

Total funding for public education will increase by $25 million to $1.27 billion from $1.24 billion.  Overall, funding has increased more than $500 million or 64.9 per cent since 1999, the minister said.

The minister also noted the Manitoba government is ensuring greater accountability by working with school divisions to better track student progress in essential skills, develop plans and analyze data to support academic achievement.

The government is investing in fundamental skills and new opportunities for young people including:

  • $13.1 million in targeted funding to improve outcomes in math and literacy, as well as provide enriched programming for students seeking challenging, high-level learning opportunities;
  • $9.8 million in focused funding to support culturally relevant programming for Indigenous students and to support Indigenous student achievement in math and literacy;
  • a new First-Year Now initiative, which will give more students the opportunity to take university and college courses in high school and earn dual credits; and
  • a 50 per cent increase to the skill build equipment fund to further support school divisions to upgrade or acquire new skills training equipment and promote accreditation of apprenticeship programs, as well as $2 million for the Career Development Fund to help students connect with employers and career exploration opportunities.

“We will not make millions in cuts to our education system that would lead to teacher layoffs impacting students,” said Minister Bjornson.  “Increasing funding in these key areas will enhance the quality of education in our province by helping struggling students succeed and ensuring advanced students excel, while continuing to advance our skills strategy.”

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