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News Release - Manitoba

June 16, 2015


Need to work together to change attitudes that normalize sexual violence against women and girls: Minister Irvin-Ross

The Manitoba government is hosting experts from across Canada who will share knowledge, experiences and expertise on sexual violence directed at women and girls, Family Services Minister Kerri-Irvin-Ross, minister responsible for Manitoba Status of Women, announced today.

“Sexual violence against women and girls is a pressing human rights issue that has long-term impacts on individuals, their families and their communities.  Too often, it is shielded by silence caused by fear, social stigma and emotional devastation,” said Minister Irvin-Ross.  “This national platform will strengthen our strategy to end sexual violence within our province as well as nation-wide.  Together we are building national momentum on the issue by sharing the unique and innovative ways jurisdictions are working to end sexual violence in their areas.”

The Sexual Violence Knowledge Exchange will take place June 17 at the RBC Convention Centre in Winnipeg.  The event is being hosted by Manitoba in partnership with federal-provincial-territorial (FPT) Status of Women counterparts, at the direction of FPT ministers.

Keynote speakers include Jane Doe, a noted author, activist and litigant, and Nahanni Fontaine, special advisor on Aboriginal women’s issues for the Manitoba government.  Three panels of speakers will cover topics that include: perspectives on reporting and disclosing instances of sexual violence; perspectives from anti-violence communities; and perspectives on sexual violence and youth.

Approximately 200 participants from across the country are expected to participate in the Knowledge Exchange including service providers, health care professionals, law enforcement personnel, academics, senior government officials, students and other key stakeholders working in the area of sexual violence response and prevention.

“It is critical that our governments work with and then act upon the expertise of women who are experts in the area of sexual violence especially regarding Aboriginal, racialized and immigrant women,” said Doe.

A report on the 2015 forum will be provided to FPT ministers at their annual meeting taking place on June 18 in Winnipeg.  Individuals can participate through a webcast.  For more information or to register for the webcast, please visit

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