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Media Bulletin - Manitoba

November 27, 2015


Manitoba’s Consumer Protection Office advises a Manitoba motor vehicle dealer located in Winnipeg has been assessed an administrative penalty of $5,000. 

On Nov. 13, a notice of administrative penalty was issued to Auto Gallery of Winnipeg for advertising the price of motor vehicles based on the inclusion of a special deduction or circumstance.

Provisions in Manitoba’s Consumer Protection Act protect consumers in a variety of ways including protection from false advertising and misleading pricing practices when purchasing a motor vehicle.  In accordance with the legislation, a motor vehicle dealer must:

  • ensure that advertisements indicate the total cash price of a vehicle including all additional charges, except for the retail sales tax and the federal goods and services tax;
  • ensure that an advertisement about a used late-model vehicle indicates that it is a used vehicle;
  • not engage in false advertising or provide false information about a vehicle;
  • only advertise a vehicle currently in the dealer’s inventory; and
  • indicate the time period applicable to limited time offers.

Under the act, corporations are subject to an administrative penalty of $5,000 for the first contravention, $10,000 for a second and $20,000 for a third and subsequent contravention.

For information on administrative penalties, including information on penalties that have been issued, visit

Manitobans are encouraged to learn more about consumer protection issues and their rights under the law.  For more information, contact the Consumer Protection Office at 204-945-3800 in Winnipeg, toll-free in Manitoba at 1-800-782-0067, via email at consumers@gov.mb.caor visit

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