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News Release - Manitoba

February 28, 2017

Province Announces Transfer of Land Interests to Canada for Little Saskatchewan First Nation Reserve

Significant Step Forward in Operation Return Home: Clarke

The Manitoba government has now completed a transfer of provincial interests to Canada that clears the way for the creation of a new Little Saskatchewan First Nation reserve, Indigenous and Municipal Relations Minister Eileen Clarke announced today.

“This transfer of land is a significant step forward in Operation Return Home and moves us toward reconciliation with the First Nations impacted by the catastrophic flooding in 2011,” said Clarke.  “Our government is working with our federal and First Nations partners to return flood-affected evacuees home and to build stronger partnerships based on trust that will ensure a bright, inclusive future for us all.” 

Today’s announcement confirms that Manitoba is transferring interests in 23 parcels of land (3,675 acres) owned by the Little Saskatchewan First Nation Economic Development Corporation to Canada.  That land will now be converted to reserve status, the minister said.

“The Little Saskatchewan First Nation Council thanks the provincial government for its decision to transfer interests in 23 parcels of land to Canada for the creation of reserve land and we look forward to now working with the federal government,” said Chief Hector Shorting. 

Clarke noted the community has already started rebuilding housing and other infrastructure on the 23 parcels of land purchased by the First Nation near Lake St. Martin, in the municipality of Grahamdale.

“Our government is committed to providing safe and secure communities for all First Nation evacuees who left their homes following the devastating 2011 flood in Manitoba,” said federal Indigenous and Northern Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett.  “We welcome this transfer of lands by the government of Manitoba as an important step toward rebuilding Little Saskatchewan First Nation, and we will continue to work in partnership with the province and Little Saskatchewan so that evacuated residents can finally return home.”

More than 400 residents of Little Saskatchewan First Nation were forced from their homes by flooding in 2011.  Both levels of government and First Nation leadership are working to ensure the first phase of evacuees can begin the move home this summer, Clarke said.

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