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Media Bulletin - Manitoba

December 7, 2017

Province Advises Emerald Ash Borer Found in Winnipeg

Manitoba Sustainable Development advises the emerald ash borer (EAB) has been found in Winnipeg.

This highly destructive forest-pest is a wood-boring beetle that has been found in Quebec and part of Ontario, as well as throughout the eastern United States, and has now been found in Winnipeg.  The EAB attacks and kills all species of ash trees, and is most commonly spread through the movement of firewood.

The province has been working closely with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA, which regulates EAB in Canada and the city of Winnipeg.  Additional survey and surveillance measures are planned, as the partners work together to determine the extent of the invasion and what the most appropriate next steps are.

Manitobans are encouraged to help prevent the spread of EAB:

  • don’t move firewood, 
  • burn firewood where it has been purchased,
  • plant a variety of tree species to increase diversity,
  • learn how to identify an ash tree, and
  • learn how to identify the signs and symptoms of EAB.

More information is available at:

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