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Media Bulletin - Manitoba

March 8, 2018


Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living advises that Manitobans should consider purchasing travel health insurance to provide additional coverage before trips outside the province on spring break.

It is recommended Manitoba residents explore private insurance options to supplement provincial health insurance plan coverage while out of the province whether travelling in or outside Canada.

If a Manitoban is admitted to a hospital in another province or territory, benefits are paid at the rates established by the health insurance plan of that province.  Payments will be made directly to the hospital through reciprocal agreements between provinces.

When a Manitoban is required to see a Canadian health provider, payments will be made at the rates of that province. 

Medical practitioners billing through the reciprocal agreement between provinces, accept their provincial fee schedule as payment in full.  Medical practitioners who elect to bill the patient or who bill the patient’s ‘home province’ directly may charge additional amounts.  If charged, these additional amounts remain the responsibility of the patient.

Private Canadian clinics may charge patients directly for the use of the facility as well as for any drugs, materials or supplies used.  These charges are not insured benefits under the provincial health plan when provided in a private facility and the patient will be responsible for these costs.

In relation to emergency care received outside of Canada, Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living reminds Manitobans that health-care services in other countries, particularly the United States, can be significantly more expensive than in Manitoba.

The Manitoba government covers emergency medical services provided out of the country at the rates paid in Manitoba.  If a Manitoban is admitted to hospital outside of Canada on an emergency basis, the province will pay for emergency services based on established daily rates.

Coverage for Manitobans seen as an outpatient in hospital or in an emergency department outside of Canada is limited to a maximum of C$100 per visit.  Physician services are covered at the same rates paid to Manitoba doctors.

These payments may not fully cover the amount charged by a foreign facility.  Any balance between what the Manitoba government pays and the fees charged are the responsibility of the individual.

If the doctor or hospital bills directly, Manitobans should obtain original itemized receipt(s).  These should be submitted within six months from date of service, along with an English translation if necessary, to the province’s Insured Benefits Branch to be considered for reimbursement at the same rates that would have been paid if the care had been provided in Manitoba.

In addition, ambulance services are not insured services.  Manitoba residents are responsible for these costs unless the resident has purchased travel insurance that includes this service as part of its travel insurance plan.  For more information on health care coverage when travelling, visit

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