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June 11, 2018


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Unleashing the Creativity Within Manitoba's Public Service: Premier

As part of its public service transformation strategy, the Manitoba government has awarded funding to innovative initiatives within government that will demonstrate measurable savings and improve outcomes, Premier Brian Pallister, Finance Minister Cameron Friesen and Fred Meier, the head of Manitoba’s public service, announced today.

“We’ve had an impressive response from the entire organization and are delighted to unleash the creativity within our public service,” said Pallister.  “Many great new ideas emerged from the grassroots level and front line of our public service.” 

Last month, the province created a new, first-of-its-kind Transformation Capital Fund to support innovative initiatives within government to build the modern and dynamic public service Manitoba needs for the future.

Public servants from every department submitted proposals with 56 projects approved for funding.  These projects will cost $21.2 million to implement but the total payback will generate an estimated net savings of $190.9 million over 10 years, delivering a return on investment of 899 per cent, the premier noted.

The approved projects featured new uses of technology to create more effective and less expensive methods in a wide range of government functions, converting many paper-based processes to digital and implementing new streams to existing work that will deliver better, more efficient and timely results.  Some notable projects included:
•    modernizing employment and income assistance (EIA) communication
­    a web-based portal will allow faster communication with EIA clients and improve employment and training assessments to help them get back to work sooner.  Currently, the majority of communication with clients occurs via regular mail or in-person contact, which delays training opportunities for clients.
•    measuring reforestation success with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
­    two UAVs will be purchased to conduct aerial surveys on land that is being reforested, eliminating costs and risks associated with accessing remote areas through traditional survey methods such as helicopters.
•    boardroom modernization (video conferencing)
­    boardrooms throughout government will be modernized with new technology to decrease costs associated with travel for face-to-face meetings.
“Just a few weeks ago we invited our public servants to be bold, take risks and put forward their innovative ideas,” said Friesen.  “We are very impressed with the quality and number of proposals we received.  Clearly we have the skills and talents within our public service to challenge the status quo and get better results for Manitobans.”

The minister noted today’s announcement is phase one and the fund will remain open as there are more great ideas that need additional time to develop.  Training support was made available to help turn ideas into action and through the tools, templates and training that was provided, public servants had the opportunity to learn how to prepare business cases.

“The Transformation Capital Fund is one of a number of initiatives we are advancing to build a modern public sector culture,” said Meier.  “We know we have tremendous talent throughout the public service.  This is one of the ways we are doing things differently to tap into that expertise and provide public servants with the opportunity to have their voices heard.”

Meier indicated some of the approved projects will require further consultation with stakeholders before moving forward.  He also confirmed the province will track the outcomes of all projects that receive transformation funding.

On Feb. 28, the province released Transforming the Manitoba Public Service:  A Strategy for Action, its plan to transform the work of the public service and build a culture that is forward thinking, creative and outcomes driven.  Visit to view the transformation strategy.

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