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Media Bulletin - Manitoba

March 15, 2019


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New Zones in Place to Better Serve Manitobans and Match Weather Patterns

Manitoba Infrastructure advises the climate zones for road restrictions will be updated in the Swan River area to maximize benefits to local industry. Effective immediately, zone one will be broken into two sub-zones (1A and 1B) while zones two and three remain the same.

Swan River will move from climate zone 1 to climate zone 1B, which is expected to give the area nine more days under the winter seasonal weight program and five less days under the spring road restriction program, weather permitting.

Logging trucks will have, on average, 14 more days of hauling at higher than normal summer weights or at full summer weights. This will reduce hauling costs, assisting job retention and improving commodity prices. It will also help make the local logging industry more competitive with other jurisdictions, reduce fuel consumption, reduce emissions and decrease environmental pollution.

Climate zones are based on weather patterns and affect the start and end dates of the spring road restriction and winter seasonal weight programs.

Spring road restrictions are expected to begin next week in some parts of the province, dependent upon weather.

For more information about spring road restrictions, visit for the most recent dates and more details. A map and additional details about climate zones are available at

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