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April 5, 2019


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Establishing a Focused Approach to Supporting Economic Development in Manitoba: Pallister

The Manitoba government is moving forward to implement key elements of its Economic Growth Action Plan and ensure the co-ordinated delivery of economic development services by regional and strategic partner organizations, Premier Brian Pallister announced today.

“Manitobans entrusted our government to help rebuild the province’s economy.  Our plan is based on the advice we received from representatives of business, industry, economic development organizations, Indigenous groups and academia,” said Pallister.  “We are establishing a focused approach to supporting economic development that builds on Manitoba’s strengths and better responds to the needs of business and industry.”   

A new Economic Development Office (EDO) has been established and will be led by Philip Houde, who is moving from his current role as the premier’s chief of staff to a new role as CEO of the EDO and secretary to the Economic Growth Committee of Cabinet.

In addition, mandate letters outlining the key roles and responsibilities of the province’s regional and strategic partners have been delivered to each organization.  The letters reflect a ‘Team Manitoba’ approach that emphasizes co-ordination, avoiding duplication and ensuring clear pathways for businesses, entrepreneurs and investment.  

“We’re working collaboratively to advance initiatives that grow local companies and industries, create jobs, attract talent and investment, and increase the economic competitiveness of our province,” said Growth, Enterprise and Trade Minister Blaine Pedersen.

Pedersen confirmed the province is working with each partner to develop contribution agreements that define each organization’s activities for the year.  Partners will be responsible for delivering on outcomes relevant to their respective mandates and for reporting to government on a regular basis.  

The minister noted Indigenous engagement will be a key focus for all seven partners to foster the ongoing strength of Indigenous contributions to Manitoba’s economy.

Announced in December 2018, the Economic Growth Action Plan identified seven economic development partners for Manitoba:

  • Economic Development Winnipeg;
  • Winnipeg Metropolitan Region;
  • Communities Economic Development Fund, responsible for economic development in the north;
  • North Forge Technology Exchange, responsible for economic development in innovation;
  • World Trade Centre Winnipeg, responsible for economic development in trade;
  • Travel Manitoba, responsible for economic development in tourism; and
  • a seventh partner organization responsible for economic development in rural Manitoba, and the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce and the Association of Manitoba Municipalities are leading a process to establish this new organization.

“Manitoba is becoming a more attractive place for new businesses to start, for existing businesses to grow, and for foreign businesses to invest,” said Pallister.  “We’re focused on making Manitoba the most improved province in Canada in partnership with business and industry.”     

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