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September 27, 2019

Manitoba Makes Progress Reducing Regulatory Requirements

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On the Right Track to Become Most Improved Province for Regulatory Accountability by 2020: Fielding

The Manitoba government has made significant progress reducing the total number of regulatory requirements across government by almost 80,000 since 2016, Finance Minister Scott Fielding announced today.

“We began this effort shortly after the 2016 election and are seeing very positive results,” said Fielding.  “We inherited an overwhelming amount of red tape from the former government and have taken action to make Manitoba’s regulatory environment more efficient.”  

Manitoba’s regulatory accountability initiative has reduced the number of provincial regulatory requirements to just over 880,000, down from more than 960,000 on April 1, 2016, – an 8.6 per cent reduction.

“Simplifying regulatory requirements and making them easier to understand not only improves compliance but eases the burden on business, non-profits, local governments and private citizens,” said the minister.

Manitoba’s regulatory accountability legislation has established a comprehensive framework for promoting regulatory accountability and cutting red tape across government including:
•    As of July 1, all policies and forms that contain regulatory requirements must be published on a public portal, creating a single point of access for policies and forms to enhance client experience.  A new database system assists in tracking regulatory requirements and helps manage the development and analysis of regulatory requirements.
•    On July 1, the two-for-one rule came into force, which requires all departments or government agencies to eliminate at least two regulatory requirements for each new regulatory requirement introduced.  The two eliminated regulatory requirements must have at least twice the administrative burden of the one being introduced.
•    As of Oct. 1, all proposed regulations must be published on a public consultation website for a 45-day consultation period and must include information that led to the regulation.

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