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Media Bulletin - Manitoba

October 8, 2019


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Video Evidence Leads to Conviction in Dangerous Night Hunting Incident

Manitoba Sustainable Development advises that after an extensive investigation, numerous interviews and animal DNA testing, a Manitoba man has been convicted of multiple hunting offences, suspended from holding a big game hunting licence, and forfeited his vehicle and hunting gear.
The investigation began in December 2017 when conservation officers received a video that showed a group of people in a truck chasing elk through a field at night near Carberry.  The vehicle was seen following a herd of elk through a field, trying to get close enough to shoot one.  Using a spotlight and shooting from the vehicle, the individuals killed two elk.  Tracks were discovered, showing the vehicle had chased about 40 elk for nearly two and a half kilometres.  The field is in a populated area with several homes nearby and, at times, the vehicle was within 400 metres of Highway 351 and about a kilometre from the Trans-Canada Highway.

On Feb. 25, 2019, Keifer Joseph Spence was convicted of hunting at night with lights, chasing big game from a vehicle and hunting on private land without permission.  Spence was fined $3,000 and a 2001 Chevrolet Silverado and hunting equipment used that evening were forfeited.  Spence has been suspended from holding a big game hunting license for one year, and given a wildlife restitution fine of $5,000 that will go into the Fish and Wildlife Enhancement fund for illegally taking two bull elk.  Charges against a second individual were stayed.

Discovery of Moose Carcass Leads to Conviction and Significant Fine

A Bissett man has been convicted of possessing illegally taken wildlife, after conservation officers discovered two moose carcasses near the community in February 2018.  A moose closure is in place to protect declining populations, so moose hunting in this area, which is part of Game Hunting Area 26, is not allowed.

Officers watched the area where the carcass was found and waited for someone to come back for it.  Two men arrived on a snowmobile and covered the moose with a large white blanket.  As officers approached, the driver of the snowmobile fled and the passenger tried to run away but was caught.  Paul Robert Tytgat of Bissett plead guilty to possessing illegally taken wildlife, was fined $1,800 and has been suspended from big game and game bird hunting for two years.  Tytgat will also be required to pay $11,000 restitution that will go into the Fish and Wildlife Enhancement fund. The second person was identified but charges were stayed.

The two moose, an adult female and a yearling male, were donated to local First Nation communities.

Overfishing Discovered at Caddy Lake

Park patrol officers in the Whiteshell Provincial Park found three fishers with more than two dozen fish above the limit at Caddy Lake this past August. The fishers had 43 black crappie fish, 25 more than the group’s legal limit.  On Aug. 27, Quit Van Phan of Winnipeg, plead guilty and was assessed a penalty of $577 in addition to $2,100 in restitution.
Anyone with information about illegal activities is asked to call a local Manitoba Sustainable Development office or the Turn in Poachers (TIP) line at 1-800-782-0076.

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