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News Release - Manitoba

May 8, 2020


The Manitoba government is implementing a new system for Manitoba’s oil and gas industry to streamline reporting, Agriculture and Resource Development Minister Blaine Pedersen announced today.

“The implementation of the Petrinex system in Manitoba will allow us to leverage current industry standard technology to modernize our oil and gas facility, production and emissions data collection as well as data audit processes,” said Pedersen. “Adopting the Petrinex system will also bring Manitoba in line with other Western Canadian jurisdictions who are using the same system.”

Petrinex is a joint strategic organization supporting Canada’s upstream, midstream and downstream petroleum industry and is currently represented by all provinces in Western Canada. Petrinex facilitates efficient, standardized, safe and accurate management, and exchange of information essential to the operation of the petroleum sector.

Benefits anticipated for the oil and gas industry in Manitoba include:
•    increased standardization of business and operational processes between Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia;
•    having a single venue for access to timely, accurate and secure data;
•    tools to assure submissions for government and Industry processes are correct and complete; and
•    the ability to conduct partner reporting in a standard, effective, electronic venue.

“The objective of using Petrinex is to ensure timely and accurate reporting of industry’s oil and gas activities, and ultimately an improved system for the payment of taxes and royalties,” said Pedersen. “We have been working closely with the industry over the past year to ensure the system will work for Manitoba.”

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