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November 20, 2020


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Awards Recognize Work Done for Infrastructure in the Province to Help Protect Manitobans: Schuler

The Manitoba government announced its 2020 construction awards at the Manitoba Heavy Construction Association’s (MHCA) virtual annual general meeting, Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler announced today.
“The annual construction awards are a 30-year tradition that was established to provide the industry with formal recognition for its fantastic work,” said Schuler. “It’s important to recognize the hard-working people that keep our infrastructure going even during these difficult times. Their work ensures that our trucks keep moving goods on our highways, that roadworks are maintained for essential workers to get to their jobs, and that our communities have access to safe and sustainable infrastructure.”
Each year, projects are submitted for seven different construction categories. The projects are evaluated on a number of different criteria including quality of work, adherence to contract specifications and design criteria, complexity of project, and being on time and on budget.
The 2020 winners in their respective categories are:
Grading: Earthmax Construction Ltd.
- Location: Rural Municipality (RM) of Grahamdale
- Project: Lake St. Martin Outlet Channel Access Road.
Paving: Maple Leaf Construction Ltd.
- Location: RM of Roland, RM of Grey and RM of Dufferin
- Project: Paving on Provincial Trunk Highway (PTH) 3.
Special Projects: Maple Leaf Construction Ltd.
- Location: RM of Woodlands
- Project: Paving and shoulder work on Provincial Road (PR) 227.
Urban Works: Nelson River Construction
- Location: City of Winkler
- Project: Concrete reconstruction (twinning) including land drainage systems, sidewalks and traffic signals on PTH 32.
Major Structures: M.D. Steele Construction Ltd.
- Location: RM of West St. Paul
- Project: Structure at Grassmere Drain on PTH 9.
Minor Structures: Coco Paving (Canada) Inc.
- Location: Grandview Municipality
- Project: Reinforced concrete box culvert at Munson Creek on PTH 5.
Water Management: WBS Construction
- Location: Town of Morris
- Project: Pump station and gravity outfall at the Morris Ring Dike.
“The long history of these awards shows the strength of the working relationship between Manitoba Infrastructure and the heavy construction industry,” said Chris Lorenc, president, MHCA. “The Highways Capital program runs by annual budgets, but it is this relationship of trust and respect between our industry and the department that ensures the program rolls out successfully, each year.”
In addition, the province also released the 2021-22 fall advertising schedule for construction, engineering service provider and material supply tenders for projects across the province. The 2021-22 tendering list includes projects such as intersection improvements at the Trans-Canada Highway and PTH 16, upgrading 61 km of PTH 59 to improve trade from the U.S. border to PTH 52, and upgrading 91 km of PTH 23 to remove spring road restrictions. Other work includes surfacing, grading, structures, intersection improvements, culverts and dust control. 
To learn more about Manitoba Infrastructure’s construction projects, visit
To view the 2021-22 fall advertising schedule for construction, engineering service provider and material supply tenders, visit
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