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November 21, 2020


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Manitoba Makes Progress on Mandate for Fishery Certification: Pedersen

In celebration of World Fisheries Day, the Manitoba government has launched a new, interactive website called Lake Information for Anglers, Agriculture and Resource Development Minister Blaine Pedersen announced today.
“The new Lake Information for Anglers website is an interactive, innovative and valuable tool for anglers to use when planning their next outdoor adventure to enjoy one of Manitoba’s many fishing opportunities,” said Pedersen. “Over time, additional information will be added to this website to further assist Manitobans and visitors explore the world-class recreational fisheries that Manitoba has to offer.”
The new, interactive website provides valuable information in an easily accessible format to assist anglers in planning their next fishing trip. The site is home to information about fishing divisions, lake contour maps, fisheries assessment summaries, aquatic invasive species and boat launches for numerous drive-to lakes in Manitoba. 
The website also contains historical and current information on fish species stocked across Manitoba including the species stocked, when stocking occurred, and the size and number of fish stocked. A mobile version of the website will be launched at a later date.
World Fisheries Day is celebrated worldwide annually on Nov. 21 to help recognize the importance of maintaining sustainable fisheries across the world. 
The Manitoba government is continuing to develop and implement plans to secure the sustainability and certification of Manitoba’s commercial fisheries. The province has approved a $20,000 grant and additional in-kind support to Cedar Lake Fisheries Inc. to support a Marine Stewardship Council certification assessment of the fishery.
“We are pleased to support commercial fishers on Cedar Lake who have taken many actions to ensure the sustainability of fish stocks over the past 20 years,” said Pedersen. “Cedar Lake is Manitoba’s fourth largest commercial fishery and generates over $3.8 million in value to Manitoba’s economy through commercial and recreational fishing activities.”
Currently, Waterhen Lake is the only fishery with eco-certification status in Manitoba. Waterhen Lake was the first inland fishery to be certified in the Western Hemisphere and second in the world when it was certified in 2014. The Waterhen Lake fishery was recertified in March 2020. Eco-certification confirms the fishery is managed sustainably and ensures commercial fishers will continue to have access to competitive global markets including growing markets that want eco-certified and sustainable sourced fish products.
The new Lake Information for Anglers website can be seen at
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