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Media Bulletin - Manitoba

January 15, 2021


Vaccine Administration

To date, 13,539 doses of vaccine have been administered, including 11,401 first doses and 2,138 second doses.

At this time, focused immunization teams are providing immunizations at personal care homes across the province. It is expected that all personal care home residents will receive their first vaccine dose by mid-February. At this time, 281 personal care home residents have been immunized.

Appointments and Eligibility Criteria

The estimated wait time for those eligible to make an appointment is just under three minutes.

Please note the eligibility criteria for the COVID-19 vaccine have been updated. For updated information, follow @MBGov on Twitter or visit:

Individuals who have already booked an appointment for the Winnipeg super-site are encouraged to keep their appointment at this time. However, individuals with existing appointment(s) at the RBC Convention Centre in Winnipeg can shift their appointment to the Keystone Centre in Brandon if necessary, by calling the same confidential booking number used to make the original appointment.

Vaccine Supply and Distribution

Manitoba had expected to receive additional shipments of vaccine next week, including:
•    9,360 doses of Pfizer vaccine, based on six doses per vial; and
•    7,400 doses of the Moderna vaccine.

However, Manitoba understands Pfizer has announced there may be supply disruptions in the coming weeks, although no details have yet been shared by the federal government. Manitoba had anticipated these types of issues could arise, and the Vaccine Implementation Task Force is prepared to implement contingency plans if necessary. This could include the cancellation of future appointments depending on the duration and size of the supply interruption. Once additional information is provided by the federal government, it will be shared with Manitobans.

To date, a total of 38,890 doses of vaccine has been delivered to Manitoba. This includes:
•    31,590 doses of Pfizer vaccine, based on six doses per vial; and
•    7,300 doses of the Moderna vaccine, of which 5,300 doses have been allocated to First Nations communities.

Vaccine Inventory

Delivery schedules are set by the federal government. Manitoba is notified of the delivery amount for each week, but is not advised of which day the vaccine will arrive.

This means Manitoba will always have some level of inventory to ensure enough vaccine is available for the appointments booked to date, or unexpected delays related to weather or other issues. This process ensures there is enough stock to administer first and second doses as planned without the need to cancel any appointments.

For the week of Jan. 11 to Jan. 17, the lowest level of super-site inventory is expected to be approximately 9,300 doses. A graph posted at outlines the expected levels of inventory for the coming weeks.

The vaccine super-site at the Keystone Centre in Brandon is set to open on Monday, Jan. 18.

Additional Information

All data in this bulletin is current as of Thursday, Jan. 14. At this time, this data does not include vaccinations in First Nations communities. The Manitoba government continues collaborative discussions with First Nations leadership in respect of their publication of vaccination data specific to First Nations.

More information about the vaccine campaign in Manitoba is available at

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