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July 19, 2021

Province Reports High Demand in Applications for Internationally Educated Nurses to Receive Licensing Support

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More Than 1,200 Internationally Educated Nurses Have Applied for Support: Reyes, Stefanson

The Manitoba government is reporting high interest in a new initiative to support internationally educated nurses (IEN) become licensed to work in the province, with 1,210 online applicants over the first week, Economic Development and Jobs Minister Jon Reyes and Health and Seniors Care Minister Heather Stefanson announced today.

“The overwhelming response so far shows the need to remove barriers for nurses with foreign credentials so they can work here in Manitoba, and it is evident how beneficial this new initiative will be for all Manitobans, our health-care system and our economy,” said Reyes. “Once internationally educated nurses identify themselves through the online application process, we will be able to determine the best supports available to them, such as referral to language classes and other services, assistance navigating the licensing pathway, and financial support to get these skilled individuals recognized and able to work in their chosen career in Manitoba.”
The province announced the Internationally Educated Nurses in Manitoba Project July 8 and opened an online form for nurses to determine eligibility and see what supports may be available to help with the licensing process. The initiative will provide up to $23,000 per approved IEN to help cover a variety of costs that come with obtaining licensure in the province. This includes funding for clinical competence assessments and bridge training, as well as other related expenses such as living allowance, transportation and child care.

While the response so far has shown high numbers of applications, the ministers noted that all applicants still need to be evaluated to ensure they meet criteria before being approved for funding.

“Our government will work to review the applicants and help them determine the best path forward to establish meaningful careers within Manitoba’s health-care system,” said Stefanson. “Seeing the response so far, we are hopeful many of these applicants will qualify for funding and other supports so they can be able to provide nursing care to Manitobans at health facilities across the province.”

The ministers reminded IENs who wish to explore the possibility of nursing in Manitoba to begin the process through the online portal. Through the portal, individuals will be asked to provide information on their education and experience to help them plan their steps to obtain a licence in Manitoba, as well as determine what financial supports may be available to complete these requirements.

Internationally educated nurses who wish to apply for these supports can visit:

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