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Media Bulletin - Manitoba

February 16, 2022

COVID-19 Bulletin #568

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Information about COVID-19 in Manitoba is updated weekdays at 12:30 p.m. on these DataMB dashboards:

Public health highlights the following COVID-19 data trends for the week ending Feb. 10, people who are not fully vaccinated are:

  • four times as likely to be hospitalized with COVID-19,
  • seven times as likely to be admitted to an intensive care unit, and
  • seven times as likely to die with COVID-19.

Case and risk by vaccination status data is updated each Wednesday here:

Manitoba continues to report on the recorded number of COVID-19 cases.  However, it is important to note this data is limited and should be used with caution it includes cases confirmed by a PCR test as well as rapid tests given by health care professionals. Positive test results from rapid antigen tests, which people generally do at home, are not collected or reported as a result these numbers are an under-reporting of COVID-19 in the community.

Key Updates

  • Rapid antigen tests (RATs) are now available for both symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals at provincial testing sites. This provides members of the public with a self-testing option for use at a future point in time when they may become symptomatic. Individuals can receive up to two test kits per visit and test results do not need to be reported, but individuals are required to self-isolate and follow public health orders if they test positive.
  • The Manitoba Government is no longer distributing KN95 masks through liquor marts and casinos. The program, launched on Dec. 23, 2021, and closed on Jan. 2, 2022. Some locations may have remaining inventory that they are distributing, but are no longer receiving shipments for public distribution.
  • Rapid antigen tests will continue to be used for the majority of people visiting a provincial testing site. Those who are at higher risk of severe illness as well as some groups who have tested positive on a rapid antigen test will still be eligible for PCR testing. Detailed information on updated COVID-19 testing eligibility can be found at:


Public health officials advise six new deaths in people with COVID-19 are being reported today:

  • a male in his 20s from Winnipeg health region,
  • a male in his 70s from Southern Health-Santé Sud,
  • a female in her 90s from Winnipeg health region and linked to the outbreak at Tuxedo Villa personal care home,
  • a female in her 60s from Southern Health-Santé Sud and linked to the outbreak at Boyne Lodge,
  • a male in his 80s from Prairie Mountain Health and linked to the outbreak at St. Paul’s Home, and
  • a female in her 80s from Prairie Mountain Health and linked to the outbreak at St. Paul’s Home.

One death was removed after investigation as it was determined not to be COVID-19 related.


Outbreaks declared at:

  • Grace Hospital, 2 south and 4 south, Winnipeg;
  • St. Boniface Hospital, M3, Winnipeg;
  • Whitemouth personal care home, Whitemouth;
  • Melita Health Centre, Melita; and
  • Sherwood personal care home, Virden.

Outbreaks declared over, at:

  • Deer Lodge Centre, Tower 3, Winnipeg;
  • Poseidon Care Centre, Winnipeg;
  • Victoria General Hospital, 5 south, Winnipeg;
  • Misericordia Health Center, unit C2, Winnipeg;
  • Rosewood Lodge, Stonewall; and
  • Swan Valley Health Centre, Swan River.


The Manitoba government is also providing an update on ongoing enforcement efforts to protect Manitobans from the spread of COVID-19. A total of 1,751 inspections occurred, which resulted in 17 warnings and nine tickets issued for the week of Feb. 7 to 13, including:

  • two $1,296 tickets to individuals,
  • six $298 tickets to individuals for failure to wear a mask in an indoor public place, and
  • one $5,000 ticket to a business.

Manitobans are urged to continue reporting compliance and enforcement issues by visiting and completing the reporting form, or by calling 204-945-3744 or (toll-free) 1-866-626-4862 and pressing option three on the call menu. Updated enforcement statistics are posted online weekly at:

Tickets issued by health region include:

  • zero tickets in Interlake-Eastern (zero per cent),
  • zero tickets in Northern (zero per cent),
  • zero tickets in Prairie Mountain Health (zero per cent),
  • two tickets in Southern Health-Santé Sud (22 per cent), and
  • seven tickets in Winnipeg (78 per cent).


Manitobans who have been infected with COVID-19 are now recommended to wait two to three months after the infection before getting a booster dose. This recommendation follows the latest guidance from the National Advisory Committee on Immunization. Manitobans are advised not to assume that recovery from an infection is sufficient for immunity. Those who prefer to get their booster dose sooner, or if their primary care provider recommends a booster sooner, can go ahead and schedule a booster dose appointment.

As of today, a total of 73,246 first doses have been given to children ages five to 11, or 58.6 per cent of that age group.  

Eligible individuals can book their appointments online, by calling (toll-free) 1-844-626-8222 (1-844-MAN-VACC) or by contacting their local pharmacy or medical clinic directly. Visit for some of the available options.

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