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June 1, 2023

Manitoba Government Commits Funding to City of Winnipeg for Shared Transportation Priority

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$700,000 for Planning, Design Work on Kenaston Boulevard: Premier

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The Manitoba government continues to work collaboratively with the City of Winnipeg to support critical transportation infrastructure projects that will enhance connectivity, community development and sustainable economic growth, Premier Heather Stefanson and Municipal Relations Minister Andrew Smith announced today.

“Building stronger communities requires working together and our government is pleased to commit $700,000 for a design study of the Kenaston Boulevard expansion,” said Stefanson. “We are pleased to support the next phase of this exciting project to help Winnipeg grow and flourish as a community and a thriving economic marketplace for growth and development.”  

The premier noted the $700,000 investment represents 50 per cent of the City of Winnipeg’s identified costs for the project’s next phase, which includes conducting a design study.

“Our government knows that Manitobans and Winnipeggers will be excited to see improvements of this major traffic corridor,” said Smith. “Reducing traffic congestion is not only good for the economy, it is convenient for everyday commuters.”

Budget 2023 increased the Strategic Municipal Investment Fund’s allocation to the City of Winnipeg by 19 per cent to $89.8 million to support more capital projects, Smith added.

“City council confirmed the Kenaston project as one of its strategic priorities earlier this week, so I’m pleased the province has responded so quickly by announcing its support for the next stage of the work,” said Mayor Scott Gillingham, City of Winnipeg. “This is a comprehensive project that will renew the existing roadway and bridge, enhance transit and active transportation infrastructure, replace outdated sewer pipes, and remove the bottleneck that causes traffic congestion. It’s also essential to the success of Naawi-Oodena, which will be the biggest infill project in the city.”

Under the terms of the Municipal Strategic Investment Fund, the City of Winnipeg must send a formal request to the Manitoba government to prioritize this funding.

The Manitoba government recently increased comprehensive funding support to all 137 municipalities to address operating and capital priorities critical to maintaining healthy, sustainable communities through the Strategic Municipal Investment Fund.

Budget 2023 provides $160 million in infrastructure basket funding for all municipalities, an increase of $23.4 million from last year. The basket funding model reduces red tape and provides municipalities with flexibility to invest in strategic infrastructure projects that address local needs, the minister said.

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