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News Release - Manitoba

June 23, 2023

Manitoba Government Receives Clean Environment Commission Report on Proposed Sio Silica Sand Extraction Project

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Report Now Publicly Available: Klein

The Manitoba government has received the Clean Environment Commission’s report on the proposed Sio Silica sand extraction project and has made it available to the public through the Public Registry, Environment and Climate Minister Kevin Klein announced today.

“We are sharing the Clean Environment Commission’s report in a timely and transparent manner, recognizing that there is significant community and public interest in this project,” said Klein. “The Manitoba government will now take the time necessary to thoroughly review this 105-page report and its recommendations, and the report will help to inform the Crown-Indigenous consultation process with communities.”

The report by the Clean Environment Commission has been provided to the director of the Environmental Approvals Branch for consideration on the licensing decision in accordance with Section 11 of the Environment Act. A licensing decision will not be made until Crown-Indigenous consultation is complete, the minister noted.

In November 2021, the conservation and climate minister asked the Clean Environment Commission to undertake a technical review and public hearing for an Environment Act sand extraction project proposal in the Rural Municipality of Springfield from the CanWhite Sands Corporation, which was subsequently renamed Sio Silica.

“Our government appreciates the commission’s panel and team for conducting the technical review, the hearing process, and preparing the report, as well as everyone who took the time to participate in this important process,” said Klein. “I want to assure everyone that our government places paramount importance on the safety of drinking water and the protection of our environment. We now embark on an in-depth technical evaluation by experts and engagement in meaningful discussions with Indigenous communities, as part of a complete and thorough review.”

A copy of the report can be viewed on the Manitoba government’s public registry: