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March 22, 2024

Manitoba Government Celebrates World Water Day

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Five Watershed Districts Being Expanded: Schmidt

The Manitoba government is marking World Water Day with the expansion of five watershed districts and new water conservation resources for Manitobans, Environment and Climate Change Minister Tracy Schmidt announced today. 

“Water is life and our government is committed to protecting Manitoba’s lakes and rivers for generations to come,” said Schmidt. “Expanding watershed districts and making new resources available to help Manitobans make smart water decisions are part of this work.” 

Five watershed districts – the Central Assiniboine, Pembina Valley, Redboine, Seine Rat Roseau and Souris River watershed districts – will be expanding into new municipal areas effective April 1 with the support of enhanced provincial core funding through the Watershed Districts Program. The Watershed Districts Program involves more than 90 staff across the province and hundreds of volunteers, and engages thousands of Manitobans annually in the protection, restoration and management of water on a watershed basis. 

The Manitoba government is also launching a new water conservation webpage to help give Manitobans tips on simple ways to use water more efficiently water at home. For more information, visit:

The minister also applauded the Manitoba Habitat Conservancy (MHC) for recently advancing nearly $12 million for projects that will restore natural areas, preserve water quality and wildlife habitat, help sequester carbon and connect people to nature. This includes more than $9.7 million in support for GROW (Growing Outcomes in Watersheds), delivered by the provincial Watershed Districts Program, which supports ecological protection and enhancement work in partnership with landowners. 

“On this World Water Day, we mark a significant stride towards preserving Manitoba's habitats and the benefits these provide to people and wildlife,” said Stephen Carlyle, chief executive offer, Manitoba Habitat Conservancy. “With an investment of $11.9 million, Manitoba Habitat Conservancy is proudly supporting local not-for-profit conservation groups including Manitoba’s Watershed Districts. Hand-in-hand with the Manitoba government, we forge a path towards sustainable stewardship, ensuring our ecosystems thrive for generations to come." 

In all, the Manitoba Habitat Conservancy (MHC) is funding projects totaling $11.96 million. To see the list of projects, visit and


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