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Media Bulletin - Manitoba

May 28, 2024

Petroleum Bulletin #5: Pipeline Returns to Partial Operation as Repairs Continue on Schedule

Provincial inspectors were on-site when Imperial Oil safely restored service to one of the two fuel lines at the pipeline repair site south of St. Adolphe today. This repair restores a partial flow of fuel through the pipeline and will significantly reduce the volume of fuel that has to be alternatively delivered by rail and truck. 

Provincial inspectors will continue to monitor the repair operation to ensure all regulations and environmental protection measures are followed as repairs to the second fuel line are completed in order to return the pipeline to full operation. 

The pipeline repair for the second line is on schedule and expected to be completed by mid-June. 

Supplies of gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel are stable. The province is maintaining close contact with suppliers and stakeholders to track supply levels and fuel distribution.  

The Manitoba government will continue to monitor the pipeline repair to ensure it is completed in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.  

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