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News Release - Manitoba

June 4, 2024

As Spring Session Ends, Manitoba Government Enacts New Laws

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Unexplained Wealth Act, Intimate Images Protection Act Among Bills Receiving Royal Assent

Several new bills will become law after receiving royal assent at the end of the spring session of the 43rd legislature.

New laws include measures that would strengthen public safety and bring in tougher measures to deal with organized crime.

Bill 24, the Intimate Image Protection Amendment Act (Distribution of Fake Intimate Images), strengthens and renames the legislation to the Non-Consensual Distribution of Intimate Images Act. The definition of intimate images is now expanded to apply to fake intimate images including images or recordings created or altered by software, artificial intelligence (AI) or other means. Manitobans who have had fake intimate images of themselves shared would now be able to access civil remedies provided for under the act.

Bill 29, the Body Armour and Fortified Vehicle Control Amendment Act, prohibits the use of aftermarket hidden compartments in vehicles, which are typically added to vehicles for the purpose of concealing controlled substances, weapons and cash proceeds of crime during transport.

Bill 30, the Unexplained Wealth Act (Criminal Property Forfeiture Act and Corporations Act Amended), allows law enforcement to better target organized crime groups who profit from crime by requiring corporations to disclose their beneficial owners and strengthening law enforcement’s ability to confiscate the proceeds of crime.

Other bills receiving royal assent includes:

  • Bill 5 – the Adult Literacy Act;
  • Bill 6 – the Manitoba Assistance Amendment Act;
  • Bill 8 – the Safe Access to Abortion Services Act;
  • Bill 10 – the Advanced Education Administration Amendment Act;
  • Bill 11 – the Statutes and Regulations Amendment and Interpretation Amendment Act;
  • Bill 13 – the Emergency Medical Response and Stretcher Transportation Amendment Act;
  • Bill 14 – the Minor Amendments and Corrections Act, 2024;
  • Bill 15 – the Credit Unions and Caisses Populaires Amendment Act;
  • Bill 17 – the Workplace Safety and Health Amendment Act;
  • Bill 18 – the Community Child Care Standards Amendment Act;
  • Bill 19 – the Drivers and Vehicles Amendment Act;
  • Bill 20 – the Highway Traffic Amendment Act;
  • Bill 22 – the Celebration of Nigerian Independence Day Act (Commemoration of Days, Weeks and Months Act Amended);
  • Bill 23 – the Change of Name Amendment Act (2);
  • Bill 31 – the Captured Carbon Storage Act;
  • Bill 33 – the Change of Name Amendment Act (3);
  • Bill 34 – the Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Control Amendment Act; and
  • Bill 36 – the Regulated Health Professions Amendment Act.

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