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News Release - Manitoba

November 8, 2006


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Review Broadened To Include Entire Province: Struthers

Conservation Minister Stan Struthers has announced the province has addressed the recommendation of the Clean Environment Commission (CEC) to review the hog industry in Manitoba and today released the review.
“In response to the CEC recommendation, we decided to take a broader view of the hog industry rather than limiting the review to the Assiniboine Valley,” said Struthers. “While taking a broader view took additional time, we thought it was better to expand the review to include the entire province.”
The report, An Examination of the Environmental Sustainability of the Hog Industry in Manitoba, is a compilation of information relevant to livestock operations and, more specifically, hog operations in Manitoba. The report addresses the remaining recommendation of the CEC report on Maple Leaf Foods’ application for expansion. The provincial government has now acted on all recommendations from the CEC with respect to this application.
The report, together with Manitoba’s Water Protection Plan, will be forwarded to the CEC for a full, independent and public review.
“The public needs to know that what we’re doing is sustainable over the long term,” said Struthers. “This study will be included in the CEC review and the public will be given a chance to comment and provide input on its conclusions.”
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