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April 17, 2008


Rondeau Acknowledges City's Green Initiatives Including New Idle-free School Zones

BRANDON—Science, Technology, Energy and Mines Minister Jim Rondeau today announced the province is supporting Brandon’s new Green Building Award. 
“I congratulate Brandon’s Environmental Steering Committee for all their work to support and showcase climate-friendly projects and help people take action to make choices that support our environment,” Rondeau said here today. “This new award will continue to serve as a positive incentive for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional groups to make positive change for the city of Brandon.”
The new award was developed through a partnership between Green Manitoba and Brandon’s Environment Steering Committee to recognize innovators in green building construction and track and promote local green building projects. 
The name of individuals or organizations which receive the award will be added to a permanent plaque displayed at Brandon City Hall. They will also receive a framed certificate to be displayed at the project location.
The Environment Steering Committee is a subcommittee of Brandon’s Community Strategic Planning committee. The committee is tasked with setting forth a long-term vision for municipal environmental stewardship and Brandon’s short-term responsibilities as a Climate Change Community Challenge (C4) Community. The committee is comprised of private citizens, not-for-profit organizations, municipal government officials, educators, and representatives from Manitoba Hydro, CFB Shilo and Green Manitoba.
The award will be officially presented Sunday during Earth Day activities in Brandon.
The minister also acknowledged all the initiatives underway in and around Brandon that support Manitoba’s strong record of achievement in fighting climate change including:
·         testing methane capture at the Brandon landfill;
·         increasing the number of electric hybrid vehicles in the City of Brandon fleet; 
·         posting idle-free zone signs at all Brandon schools as part of a community-wide anti-idling awareness campaign;
·         carrying out a biodiesel project to use waste cooking oil as fuel for buses;
·         undertaking a municipal building energy audit on a dozen of Brandon’s municipal buildings to identify areas to upgrade environmental sustainability;
·         establishing the Brandon Energy Efficiency Program, managed by the Brandon Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation, to increase energy and water efficiency of 120 low-income homes in the community;
·         conducting community composting;
·         participating in the successful electronic waste recycling pilot program; and
·         phasing down the Brandon coal plant.
Rondeau also noted the province just recently introduced climate change legislation, among the first in North America, to enforce the 2012 Kyoto commitment.
“Our government will continue to work with all sectors to continue important climate change action.”
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