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News Release - Manitoba

May 8, 2008

Province Will Exempt City Of Winnipeg's New Hotel Tax From Retail Sales Tax

An amendment under the province’s Retail Sales Tax Act will be introduced later this session that would provide an exemption for the City of Winnipeg and all municipal hotel taxes from the retail sales tax, Finance Minister Greg Selinger announced today.
“This exemption from the Retail Sales Tax will ensure the province does not receive any additional revenues because of the introduction of a municipal hotel tax,” said Selinger.  “The province’s retail sales tax also does not apply to the City of Winnipeg’s taxes on electricity and natural gas”.
A by-law passed by any municipality imposing a tax on the purchase of short-tem accommodation under the provincial government’s Municipal Revenue (Grants and Taxation) Act, must be also approved by the lieutenant governor in council, which has occurred. The City of Winnipeg had requested this approval.
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