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News Release - Manitoba

October 17, 2008


Premier Gary Doer will join other provincial and territorial leaders in Montreal on Monday for a Council of the Federation session on the economy as part of preparations for a first ministers’ meeting that is expected to be held later this fall.
“We are in a time of global uncertainty and volatility,” Doer said. “Canada is well positioned but it is important for provinces and territories to do all we can to support the federal government. Greater efficiency is achieved when we are working together towards a common purpose. It is what Canadians expect in times like these.”
Doer met yesterday with Manitoba business and labour leaders and he will raise several topics flowing from the meeting including increasing business access to credit and enhancing trade with China, India, Europe and other markets. 
Other matters Doer will raise include implementing the agreement on internal trade reached by the premiers in August; investing in skills development, worker retraining and productivity; accelerating planned infrastructure projects; and embarking on a national housing strategy that supports home ownership and increases affordable housing. All would require provinces to work in partnership with the federal government.
The premier said it is important to acknowledge that Canada’s economic situation is more stable than those of other countries.  Housing markets, financial institutions and government fiscal situations are stronger than those in the United States and most European countries, he noted.
Manitoba’s economy, one the most diversified in Canada, is also performing relatively well and is expected to be among the better performers in 2008, Doer added. The province is also outperforming the Canadian average on a majority of indicators including retail sales, weekly income and overall exports.
“Manitoba is facing a challenging situation on strong footing,” he said. “But we have to be mindful that Canada and its provinces are not immune from feeling the effects of the current financial turmoil and the decline in international growth. We need to move forward with a plan of economic stability and growth.”
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