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News Release - Manitoba

May 26, 2008


Doer and Yushchenko to Meet, Lay Wreath at Shevchenko Monument

Premier Gary Doer is scheduled to meet Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko at the Legislative Building tomorrow.
After a private meeting, the two leaders will take part in a ceremony formalizing a memorandum of understanding on agriculture, then proceed to a wreath-laying ceremony at the monument to Taras Shevchenko on the building’s northwest grounds.
Shevchenko, who died in 1861, was a Ukrainian poet, artist and humanist whose writings contributed to the growth of Ukrainian national and social consciousness. Members of the Canadian-Ukrainian community, costumed dancers and a choir will be on hand for the outdoor ceremony honouring the man whose work is considered to be the foundation of modern Ukrainian language and literature.
The memorandum of understanding is intended to foster development of rural communities in both Ukraine and Canada by building on previous and ongoing partnerships, and fostering the sharing of agriculture and rural development science. Results are expected to include trade missions, the encouragement of business-to-business joint ventures, development of farmers’ associations and co‑operatives, development of joint youth leadership programs and the sharing of agricultural production technology and genetic materials to enhance environmental sustainability.
Among other activities after his visit to the Legislative Building, Yushchenko is scheduled to receive an honorary doctorate at the University of Winnipeg before departing for Toronto.
“I will be pleased to welcome President Yushchenko on behalf of all Manitobans, particularly our many citizens of Ukrainian descent,” said Doer. “The signing of the memorandum of understanding will increase co-operation between our two countries and this visit will continue to solidify our strong cultural and emotional ties.”
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