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News Release - Manitoba

July 16, 2008


Premier Gary Doer will join Canadian premiers in Quebec City today until Friday for the 2008 Council of the Federation annual meeting, which will focus on issues such as climate change, energy and internal and international trade.
“There are some critical issues on the agenda this summer – issues that will help shape Canada’s future and prosperity,” Doer said. “We must continue to move forward on strategies to increase Canada’s renewable power supply and build a clean energy economy while taking steps to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.”
Doer said premiers have a lot of common ground heading into the meeting, noting there has been action across Canada to increase renewable energy production and energy efficiency, develop a common measurement system for greenhouse gases, enhance the research and development of new technologies and explore adaptation initiatives.
The meeting will also focus on the next steps in the process to strengthen the national agreement on internal trade. Doer, who is co-chairing the discussions with New Brunswick Premier Shawn Graham, said progress being made toward finalizing the mechanism for resolving disputes under the Agreement on Internal Trade.
While in Quebec City, premiers will also meet with national Aboriginal leaders to discuss strategies for improving education opportunities and closing the socioeconomic gap between Aboriginal people and other Canadians. 
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