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News Release - Manitoba

July 30, 2008


Manitoba will host water experts from Israel, a country with a long history of unique water quality and supply issues, at a symposium from Aug. 12 to 14 in Winnipeg, Water Stewardship Minister Christine Melnick announced today.
The event is being organized by Manitoba Water Stewardship and the Jewish National Fund (Manitoba). The symposium will bring together 24 water experts, 12 from Israel and 12 from Manitoba, to share knowledge, experience and expertise on issues of joint interest.
“This is one of the most important events regarding the study of our water this year and is the first time top scientists from any country have been invited to Manitoba to participate in such discussions,” said Melnick. “These leading scientists from Israel and Manitoba will be sharing their knowledge and we will all learn about demonstrated methods of successful stewardship of scarce water resources and water conservation techniques in urban and rural environments.”
The symposium will include a one-day community forum Aug. 14, when key Manitoba water stakeholders will be invited to participate in discussions with all of the scientists. 
“We are very encouraged about this joint initiative as the symposium will provide an opportunity for these scientists to collaborate on water-related research initiatives and is a first for Manitoban and Israeli scientists with an interest in water,” said Mel Lazareck, Manitoba president of the Jewish National Fund.
The main themes of the symposium include:
·         the role of wetlands and forests in relation to global climate change,
·         waste-water treatment to meet high health and environmental standards,
·         the function of constructed wetlands and demonstration of effective sewage treatment and nutrient reduction in warm and cold climates,
·         innovative techniques to remove nitrogen and phosphorus in large waste-water treatment facilities, and
·         the safe use of treated waste-water and grey water for irrigation.
The forum is being held at the Fairmont Hotel.
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