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News Release - Manitoba

March 31, 2009


Manitoba’s Worker Recruitment and Protection Act is recognized as a model for the rest of Canada in providing comprehensive and effective protection for temporary foreign workers, Labour and Immigration Minister Nancy Allan said today.
The act supports the province's workforce needs by facilitating employers’ worker recruitment activities in an ethical and orderly manner, said the minister.
It comes into full effect today and requires the licensing of all third-party recruiters and the registration of employers with the province before they can recruit a temporary foreign worker.
“Through the registration process, we will know when temporary foreign workers are coming to the province and where they are employed so we can better ensure they receive the full protection of the act,” Allan said.
Once employers are registered with the province, they will receive direct assistance with recruitment. The province is implementing a revised employer application process to connect registered employers with immigrants in Manitoba and abroad. 
“Given our current economic climate, our first priority is to maximize the skills of our local labour supply by helping employers hire immigrants who are already in Manitoba,” said Allan. “Where employers are unable to meet their labour needs locally, we can connect them directly with skilled workers through established international partnerships that are safe and effective.”  
The province will also provide employers with information on the range of services and programs available to support immigrants in integrating fully in the workplace.
“Our efforts to protect workers, assist employers and provide services in the community will ensure that our immigration program is dynamic and that Manitoba remains a province of choice for newcomers,” said Allan.
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