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September 10, 2010

Premier Unveils Innovative Changes to Report Cards, In-service Days

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Improvements to Help Children Excel in School, Make Life Easier for Families: Selinger

Two innovative changes will make life easier for families and help parents help their children excel in school, Premier Greg Selinger announced today.
Selinger said a standardized, parent-friendly report card written in plain language will be developed and mandated for use in all public schools. He said the goal is to ensure parents get the information they need to be full partners in their children’s education.  This will require a report card that is written in clear language, while also allowing teachers to enrich the reporting with personalized information about each student.  Currently, report cards differ from division to division. 
“We have heard from parents and have listened to their concerns regarding the way report cards are currently presented.  Parents tell me they aren’t always getting the information they need from their children’s reports.  I am especially concerned about parents for whom English is not their first language. I am confident in the end we will develop a functional and understandable report card that tells parents where their children are excelling and where they need a little more support. We will work with parents and educators to build on the work they have already done.”
The premier also unveiled the government’s plan to implement standardized in-service days across all school divisions.
“We know how hard it is to co-ordinate schedules at home with so much going on within families.  Life gets a little harder when parents have to contend with different in-service days for their children. Finding appropriate care or having to take time off work compounds a family’s stress level when in‑service days for children in different schools do not fall on the same day. This will help families co-ordinate work and care schedules,” said Selinger.
Education Minister Nancy Allan said she will work with her department, parents, educators and stakeholders to implement these reforms as quickly as possible.
“My vision is to make Manitoba a leader in education. We intend to strengthen our education system in collaboration with parents, educators and school divisions. Parents and families are key to this vision and together we will make Manitoba Canada’s education leader,” said Allan.
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