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Media Bulletin - Manitoba

June 28, 2013


Flood Warning Continues for Saskatchewan River and The Pas

Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation’s Hydrologic Forecast Centre has issued a flood warning for Dauphin Lake. Over the next few weeks levels are forecast to rise two feet with average weather conditions, but could rise by as much as three ft. with unfavourable weather conditions.  This is approaching the 2011 peak of 860.7 feet above sea level (fasl).

  • Current lake wind-eliminated level is about 857.3 fasl.  The target level is around 855 fasl.
  • Recent heavy rain and future weather conditions could result in:
  •     favourable:  858.7 fasl;
  •     median:  859.4 fasl; or
  •     unfavourable:  860.5 fasl.
  • Property owners are advised to secure or remove valuables along shorelines as the potential for wind set-up and wave action will develop.
  • Recent Dauphin-area heavy rain has resulted in high run-off and flows in Mink Creek, the Valley, Wilson, Vermillion, Turtle and Ochre rivers and other small creeks, such as Edwards Creek, flowing into Dauphin Lake.
  • Mossy River is the outlet for Dauphin Lake as it flows north to Lake Winnipegosis and into Lake Manitoba.
  • The Mossy River Dam, which is used to regulate levels on Dauphin Lake, has maintained maximum outflows for over two months.

Flood warning continues for The Pas and the RM of Kelsey areas

  • Saskatchewan River levels in Manitoba are on the rise as Saskatchewan releases water from reservoirs and control structures to help ease the impacts of floodwaters entering Saskatchewan from Alberta.
  • Water levels on the Saskatchewan River in The Pas area are expected to approach 2011 levels as floodwater from Alberta is moving faster than normal in the North Saskatchewan River east through Saskatchewan and into Manitoba.
  • The flood crest in The Pas is expected in mid-July, depending on Saskatchewan flood control operations and weather conditions.
  • The Ralls Island dike in The Pas is expected to handle projected levels as it was constructed to withstand floods greater than the 2011 flood.
  • Manitoba’s forecast values for the Saskatchewan River at The Pas are based on the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency’s forecast flows on the Saskatchewan River.  Manitoba and Saskatchewan are working together and are in close communication to enable the province’s forecasters to provide up-to-date forecasts within Manitoba.
  • The Saskatchewan Water Security Agency continues to release water from the Lake Diefenbaker and Tobin reservoirs to make room for floodwater from Alberta.  These steps will significantly reduce the natural flood peak in Manitoba.
  • Outflows from the Lake Diefenbaker Reservoir are 81,000 cubic feet per second (cfs).  The outflow from Tobin Lake downstream of Saskatoon and Prince Albert stands at 134,000 cfs.

Assiniboine River

  • Recent heavy rain in areas that flow into the Assiniboine and Souris rivers has resulted in increasing flows on the Assiniboine River at Portage la Prairie.
  • To reduce agricultural damages along the Assiniboine River downstream of Portage la Prairie and to reduce the risk of basement flooding within Winnipeg along the Assiniboine River in the event of a severe thunderstorm, a portion of the Assiniboine River flows are being diverted via the Portage Diversion.
  • As of this morning, 8,000 cfs is being maintained on the Assiniboine River downstream of Portage la Prairie and 4,000 cfs is being diverted into the Portage Diversion.
  • A flow of 8,000 cfs will be maintained on the river over the long weekend and Portage Diversion operations will be reassessed early next week.

Overland flood warnings, high water advisories continue in central, western Manitoba

  • Areas include the northwest, Interlake and southwest regions of Manitoba including Reston and low-lying lands around Dauphin as a result of recent heavy rain in Manitoba.
  • Most rivers appear to be rising or cresting.
  •     Additional forecast precipitation may cause streams to rise further or slow the recession of water levels.


Impacts on communities

  • Provincial resources are being deployed as requested.
  • There are 10 declared states of local emergency.

RM of Dauphin

  • The RM of Dauphin declared a state of local emergency on June 26 for flood preparations and response.
  • The Vermillion Park campground in the city of Dauphin was evacuated on June 26 and is flooded with approximately four ft. of water.  The park had been filled with campers attending Country Fest.
  • The RM of Dauphin is reporting approximately 50 roads impacted by flooding.
  • An evacuation centre has been opened at the RM of Dauphin municipal office.
  • Sandbags are available at the municipal yard for RM of Dauphin residents.
  • The RM of Dauphin reports six families have been evacuated primarily due to access issues.
  • Stoney Point Beach campground in the RM of Dauphin was evacuated yesterday due to flooding. Two recreation vehicles were damaged.
  • Approximately 16 people remain evacuated in the RM of Dauphin.

RM of Lawrence

  • The RM of Lawrence declared a state of local emergency on June 27 for flood preparations and response.

City of Brandon

  • The City of Brandon reported both overland flooding and sewer backup as a result of heavy rains on June 25.
  • Part of the water treatment plant flooded due to water from 26th Street but remains in operation.

RM of Wallace

  • The RM of Wallace declared a state of local emergency on June 25 for flood preparations and response.
  • There have been 16 municipal roads closed due to overland flooding, one road was cut to relieve damages to a flooded home and one basement was flooded.
  • Municipal crews are working to reopen roads.
  • Voluntary evacuations of some low-lying areas have taken place due to access issues.
  • Four people registered with provincial Emergency Social Services on June 26 but have now returned home.

RM of Arthur

  • The RM of Arthur declared a state of local emergency on June 26 for flood preparations and response.

RM of Albert

  • The RM of Albert declared a state of local emergency on June 23 for flood preparations and response.
  • A number of local roads have been washed out.  Local officials continue to monitor the situation.
  • Water is gradually declining and there are no new areas of concern.

RM of Edward

  • The RM of Edward declared a state of local emergency on June 24 for flood preparations and response.

 RM of Pipestone

  • The RM of Pipestone declared a state of local emergency on June 23 to aid in flood preparations and response.
  • Approximately 75 homes have suffered damage.
  • A number of local roads have been washed out.  Provincial and local officials continue to monitor the situation.
  • The community of Reston experienced as much as 245 millimetres of rain since Friday night.
  • On June 26, 28 clients of the Reston Health Centre were transferred to multiple health facilities throughout the Prairie Mountain Health Region.
  • Of approximately 14 families evacuated in the RM of Pipestone on June 27, three families returned home today.

RM of Kelsey

  • The RM of Kelsey declared a state of local emergency on June 22 for flood preparations and response.
  • The province delivered five Aquadam trailers and two sandbag making machines to The Pas and the Opaskwayak Cree Nation (OCN).
  • The Manitoba Fire Program has arranged for 20 staff to assist the RM of Kelsey with sandbagging operations.
  • A joint emergency operations centre has been opened in the town of The Pas for The Pas, OCN and the RM of Kelsey.
  • Provincial officials are working closely with community leaders to monitor the situation.
  • One home has flooded and approximately five homes and one trailer park have water over their access roads.
  • Provincial crews are in Wanless to assist with dike and pump operation, and replacing culverts in response to heavy rain events.
  • The community of Wanless has issued a voluntary evacuation to all 125 residents.
  • Provincial staff responded to rising water at Rocky Lake east shore yesterday.
  • Overland flooding has created access issues along the road to Wanless.

Town of The Pas

  • The Town of The Pas declared a state of local emergency on June 24 for flood preparations.

Village of Winnipegosis

  • The Village of Winnipegosis declared a state of local emergency on June 23 due to heavy rains and overland flooding.
  • The Village of Winnipegosis initiated its mutual aid system and is using neighbouring fire departments to share resources, primarily pumps.
  • Pumps have been set up to drain low-lying areas.  Approximately six homes had water in their basements.  No evacuations were required.

Rain and flooding can affect road conditions quickly.  Before travelling, check road conditions by calling 511. 


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