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News Release - Manitoba

May 25, 2011


Premier Greg Selinger announced today that Manitoba Hydro has signed agreements for a 250‑megawatt (MW) sale of electricity to Minnesota Power and a 100-MW sale to Wisconsin Public Service.  Combined with a previously completed 125 MW sale to Northern States Power, these sales total 475 MW with an estimated value of $4 billion, Selinger said.

The premier said these sales will require the construction of new hydroelectric generating capacity in Manitoba.  They will trigger the development of the 695-MW Keeyask (Cree for gull) Generating Station located on the lower Nelson River 175 km northeast of Thompson in the Split Lake Resource Management Area.  Keeyask is to be developed by a partnership consisting of Manitoba Hydro and the Keeyask Cree Nations-Tataskweyak Cree Nation, War Lake First Nation, Fox Lake Cree Nation, and York Factory First Nation.  The $5.6-billion project will provide some 4,500 person-years of construction employment, said Selinger.

“I am very pleased that Manitoba Hydro is moving forward with these power sales which will significantly increase our exports and lead to further development of Manitoba’s renewable hydro power resources,” stated Selinger.  “These sales will add to Manitoba’s reputation as a sustainable energy leader and help reduce global greenhouse-gas emissions by reducing the need for thermal generation in the United States.  At the same time, the development of Keeyask will deliver jobs, training and business opportunities to the Keeyask Cree Nations, the north and all of Manitoba.”

“Today’s announcement demonstrates there is strong interest in Manitoba hydro power in U.S. markets, resulting in the need to advance construction of new generation and a new interconnection with the U.S. that will broaden and diversify our customer base, increase our revenues and contribute to reliable, cost-effective future electricity supply for Manitobans,” said Bob Brennan, president and CEO, Manitoba Hydro.

The 250-MW power sale to Minnesota Power over a 15-year period from 2020 to 2035 requires an additional interconnection between Manitoba and the United States which will provide increased export capability and reliability benefits for Manitoba, said Selinger. 

The 100-MW power sale agreement to Wisconsin Public Service covers the 2021-2027 period.  Negotiations are continuing to expand the Wisconsin sale to 500 MW which would require construction of the Conawapa Generating Station, the premier said, adding with these sales, Manitoba Hydro and its partners are reviewing scheduling and other requirements for moving forward with Keeyask. 

Manitoba Hydro’s construction program also includes the Bipole III transmission line, being developed for a 2017 in-service date to provide reliability for Manitoba customers.  Bipole III will also be utilized to transmit power from Keeyask and the 1,485-MW Conawapa Generating Station, supporting expanded electricity export sales outside of Manitoba’s borders.  The Conawapa site is located in the Fox Lake Cree Nation Resource Management Area.

Sale agreements with Minnesota Power and Wisconsin Public Service will require regulatory approval in Canada and the United States. 

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