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News Release - Manitoba

June 21, 2012


The province is seeking public feedback on the sale and use of cosmetic lawn and turf pesticides, Conservation and Water Stewardship Minister Gord Mackintosh said today.

“We know other jurisdictions have restricted the use of cosmetic lawn pesticides in areas where people may be exposed to them including residential, institutional and recreational settings.  We want to hear from Manitobans on this important issue,” said Mackintosh.  “I encourage people to review the background paper and provide comments to the province by this October.”

The province has created a paper called Play it SAFE that outlines the background, explores options and raises awareness about the future use of cosmetic pesticides in Manitoba.

Pesticides include chemicals used for the control of insects, fungi, weeds and other pests.  The term cosmetic pesticides refers to the application of pesticides to make lawns look better by killing weeds, insects and other pests.

The use of pesticides in the agriculture and forestry sectors, on golf courses and on sod farms, to control noxious weeds, invasive species and mosquitoes or protect health is not the subject of this consultation.

Comments can be e-mailed to or mailed to the Environmental Programs and Strategies Branch, Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship, 1007 Century St., Winnipeg, MB  R3H 0W4 by Oct. 1.

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