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March 7, 2013


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Minister Announces Safe and Inclusive Schools Forum

The provincial government wants to hear from Manitoba students on how schools can prevent bullying and will support the implementation of a new provincewide, online survey, Tell Them From Me (TTFM), which will allow schools to hear directly from students about bullying and help them make schools safer for all students, Education Minister Nancy Allan announced today.

“We want to empower students to be a part of making their schools safe and respectful places for all students.  This online survey gives students a voice and schools can learn directly from students what is working and where improvements are needed to improve safety.  Making this new tool available is part of our government’s anti-bullying action plan to make our schools safer, more tolerant environments where all students feel safe and can succeed,” said Allan.

The Tell Them From Me survey allows students in grades 4 to 12 to provide their input into school safety and school improvements anonymously.  The information is gathered and then made available to the school’s administration to ensure the school is offering the safest and most welcoming environment for its students.

TTFM’s bullying and school safety survey addresses:

  • prevalence of bullying,
  • where and when bullying occurs,
  • how students respond to bullying,
  • measures that prevent bullying,
  • students who feel excluded,
  • sexual harassment at school, and
  • feeling safe at school.

“When we do not have a say in something we are less likely to engage in it,” said Ron Pelletier, principal of Collège Sturgeon Heights Collegiate.  “When we provide students with a safe way to provide input on matters that relate to academic, health, safety and social issues, they become invested in making a change and more likely to act to make schools a better place for all."

The survey will be made available to 550 schools across the province beginning in the fall of 2013.  Schools will survey their students one to two times a year, creating a system for continuous feedback, the minister said. 

The survey was initially piloted in 82 schools in two rounds, the first in May of 2012 and the second in October/November 2012. 

“Support for the department’s pilot evaluation project was extremely positive,” said Allan.  “Our government is committed to supporting schools and communities in providing safe and caring schools for all students, and this survey will help us do just that.”

Allan also announced the province will be hosting a Safe and Caring Schools – Provincial Leadership Forum on Friday, May 10.  The forum will bring together students, teachers, administrators and experts on schools safety to share strategies on how to make schools safe and inclusive learning environments.

“Making our schools safe and respectful for all students will require students, teachers, parents, trustees and government to all work together,” said Allan.  “This forum will bring together experts in the field, students and educators to share strategies on how we can further improve student safety.”

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