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March 8, 2013


Everybody in School Every Day Initiative to Reach out to Parents, Young Manitobans: Allan

The province is joining with the Manitoba Association of Parent Councils (MAPC) and educators to increase awareness of the importance of regular attendance at school for every child, Education Minister Nancy Allan announced today.

“It is very difficult to succeed in today’s world without a good education and that’s why we are joining with parent councils and schools to increase attendance,” Allan said.  “When young people attend school on a regular basis, they gain the foundation they need to get good jobs, lead productive lives and contribute to their communities.”

MAPC has created a strategy and developed supporting materials such as videos, posters and pamphlets that will be used to reach out to parents and students to help them understand the value of an education, Allan said.  The strategy, called Everybody in School Every Day, was unveiled at the annual Attendance Fair for educators, held at the Caboto Centre in Winnipeg today.

The province earmarked $200,000 in the 2011-12 budget to help improve school attendance.  Under that initiative, 15 schools each received $10,000 for two-year pilot projects and the MAPC received $50,000 to develop new ideas to increase school attendance.

The schools worked closely with Manitoba Education on attendance projects and were required to measure the progress of their projects, the minister said, adding parents, students and partner agencies were consulted as the new MAPC communications strategy was developed.

“MAPC has greatly enjoyed working with  Manitoba Education and our education partners to increase the awareness to all parents about the importance of regular daily attendance in our schools,” said Namomi Kruse, executive director, MAPC.

MAPC will contact schools to share ideas and offer supporting materials to help increase attendance. The new strategy and supporting materials will be available on the MAPC website at and the Manitoba Education website at

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