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January 14, 1998

Youth Emergency and Crisis Stabilization System in Place

Youth Emergency and Crisis Stabilization System in Place– – –
Specialized Approach to Deal with Children and Youth in Crisis in Winnipeg

A specialized, community approach to dealing with children and youth in crisis is now in place, Family Services Minister Bonnie Mitchelson announced today.

"By tapping into the strengths of community partners, this system provides flexible and mobile responses to crisis situations involving children and youth and their families or care-givers," said the minister. "This approach is innovative in using resources effectively to provide a critical service when it is needed."

The system will consist of: - Mobile Crisis Team: after hours clinical team to respond quickly to acute emergencies to stabilize the crisis, provide an immediate assessment of treatment needs and ensure the child or youth's emotional stability and physical safety will be provided in partnership with Macdonald Youth Services; - Crisis Stabilization Units: six beds for girls run through Marymound Inc. and six beds for male adolescents provided through Macdonald Youth Services; - Brief Treatment Teams: intensive interventions within one day of the crisis provided in partnership with Macdonald Youth Services; and - Psychiatric Inpatient Services: provided in partnership with the Health Sciences Centre.

Mitchelson said these services build on and improve the services which were provided by the Seven Oaks Centre which will close Jan. 16.

"Timely and appropriate intervention is key to protecting children," said Mitchelson. "With this new system in place, we are confident children in crisis will receive the care they need quickly and effectively with additional help to prevent the crisis from reoccurring."
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