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News Release - Manitoba

March 9, 2000



Family Services and Housing Minister Tim Sale today announced that the Pelican Lake Centre will close Dec. 31, 2000, as the remaining 53 residents move to community based living. The developmental centre, which is home to adults with mental disabilities, is located in Ninette in Southwest Manitoba.

"Every effort is being made for a smooth transition into the community, including the development of individual plans for each resident with the involvement of family, staff and a transition team," said Sale. "Families are encouraged to participate in the transition process, and many have chosen to visit the sites of new homes and actively participate in the decision-making process for residents."

Many of the residents have already made a successful transition into the community. The majority of the remaining residents are completing or have completed their transition plans. To date, 17 residents of the centre have made a successful transition into the community and another 37 are planning to move from the centre within the next few months. The future use of the facility remains to be determined.

The minister noted that with careful planning, including families and support professionals, residents have successfully integrated into the community using residential, day and support services throughout the province.

The government will be assisting remaining staff at the centre in finding alternative employment or retraining through a fair and effective labour adjustment strategy. Sale indicated that the government is committed to establishing a severance package for any employees laid off as a result of the closure.

"This has been a very difficult decision to make," said the minister. "However, families and individuals can now move forward and begin to make firm plans for the future now that a decision has been made. I believe that integration into the community will provide the centre's residents with new opportunities for personal development and growth."

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