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December 22, 2004

Further Support Unveiled To Protect Unique Forest In St. Vital

Further Support Unveiled To Protect Unique Forest In St. Vital

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Province Contributes $550,000 Toward Saving Bois des Espirits

Additional support of over $550,000 from the Province of Manitoba to help preserve a pristine boreal forest in St. Vital has been announced by Premier Gary Doer, fulfilling the province's commitment to a partnership with the City of Winnipeg, Save Our Seine River Environment (SOS) and Ladco Company.

"The Manitoba government will contribute a total of $930,000 to the protection of the Bois des Esprits Forest," said the premier. "We are pleased to make an additional contribution to safeguard the Bois des Esprits, a forest that Manitobans are already enjoying and will continue to enjoy for countless generations to come."

The community has identified approximately 80 acres it would like to have protected. To date, 66 acres of the Bois des Espirit Forest have been protected. Today's announcement will see an additional $550,000 contributed toward protecting the remaining 13.7 acres of forest, fulfilling the province's commitment to support the community's fundraising campaign.

The remaining forest, located along the banks of the Seine River in St. Vital near Royalwood, is to be protected from surrounding development as part of a joint agreement, for which SOS is providing $109,900 and Ladco Company $213,000.

"Protecting our natural environment is part of being good stewards of Manitoba's natural resources, including the Bois des Esprits along the banks of the Seine River," said Healthy Living Minister Theresa Oswald, speaking today on behalf of the premier. "The province is proud to be part of this urban forest preservation project."

"This vital funding has moved this project forward immensely and demonstrates the Government of Manitoba's commitment to maintaining and protecting our natural resources," said Bev Sawchuk, president of Save Our Seine. "We have always believed this forest should be set aside as a protected area, not only for today, but so our children and grandchildren can experience and appreciate nature and understand the ecological processes that all life depends upon."

Ladco Company is a majority owner of the original parcel of land that included the Bois des Esprits. In December 2003, the partners announced that a large, initial tract of the forest, which had been ranked as most in need, would be preserved.

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