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July 27, 2015


Family Child Care Project will Create Jobs, Child-care Spaces: Minister Chief

The Manitoba government is helping Manitobans gain the skills necessary to pursue self-employment in the child-care sector by establishing their own licensed family child-care homes, Jobs and the Economy Minister Kevin Chief announced today.

“New Canadians come with an array of skills and experiences that they’re looking to use in giving back to their new hometowns and neighbourhoods,” said Minister Chief.  “It makes us so proud to be able to support people as they help local families find reliable, affordable child care where our kids can grow up healthy and having fun.”

The Family Child Care Project is delivered by Family Dynamics, a local community agency specializing in child care supports for Winnipeg families.

Since September 2014, the agency has provided supports like training modules on various licensing requirements, mentorship and child-care education and business management through partnerships with Red River College and Supporting Employment and Economic Development (SEED) Winnipeg.  The majority of participants in the program are recent immigrants to Manitoba.  Many participants have prior education and experience in the education field.

“I am a proud Manitoban and newcomer Canadian who has benefited from this program,” said Irina Kuzmenko, a licensed family child-care provider and graduate of the Family Dynamics Family Child Care Project.  “This program has helped me establish my own business and made my dream to care for children a reality.  I love the children I get to care for, and their families.”

“Parents require quality child care that’s accessible, flexible and affordable.  Licensed family
child-care homes give Manitobans more viable options, while representing an excellent business opportunity for those interested in pursuing a career in early childhood education,” says Pam Zorn, executive director, Family Dynamics.  “This innovative program is providing accessible and affordable training and supports to assist people in starting a successful, high-quality family child-care business in their own home, while increasing the number of child-care spots for families.” 

The program aligns with Manitoba’s Strategy for Sustainable Employment and a Stronger Labour Market, and supports the province’s five-year plan to create 5,000 new high-quality child-care spaces for families across the province.  Many of the new licensed family child-care homes will be in areas of Winnipeg where the demand for child care is high, the minister said.

Since 1999, the Manitoba government has been investing in affordable, high quality child care, nearly tripling annual funding and almost doubling the number of licensed child-care spaces.

“Thanks to the work of Family Dynamics we will see dozens of new Canadians licensing their homes to provide child care in the coming months,” said Minister Chief.  “They share our vision of making more opportunities available for everyone and it means hundreds of new licensed child-care spaces for working families in Manitoba.”

Four participants have already obtained licensed accreditation and 29 participants are currently pursuing licences, the minister noted.  He added the program is expected to create approximately 200 new child-care spaces.  Family Dynamics is currently recruiting new applicants for a second phase of the project expected to begin in the fall of 2015, Minister Chief said.

Family Dynamics, formerly known as the Family Centre of Winnipeg, was established in 1936 and has a comprehensive history of providing child-care supports to Winnipeg families.  The agency has developed a model for family child care and has partnered with the Manitoba government in the development of standards, regulations, policies and best practices.

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